Friday, April 25, 2014

Mint Green: Should Be Your First Choice

Hello lovelies! It's Friday again. Do you have put something important on your top agenda on weekend? Going out or staying at home? Ok, well, I am fated to be a couchpotato, huh...

But that's not the point. Today I would like to talk something about one of my favorite colors and hope you guys will enjoy and share your own views with us.

Yes, exactly, mint green is my favorite color. Even I cannot figure it out why I am fond of it so fervently. Oh well, that's not important at all.

Mint is color between green and blue. As a neutral color, green is related to hope, change, growth, peace, innocence, rebirth and renewal.

Mint green lovers are willing to help others at their best. They always tend to conceal their true feelings and keep low profile, therefore, they can be good and piest listeners.  

Mint color lovers are peace lovers definitely. Their lifelong objective is peace and harmony(including me of course, ahuh). 

Also, mint green is a MUST HAVE element in every marvelous fashion show. Because it always presents a refreshing feeling. Then, which kind of color goes well with mint green? Perhaps white and black as well as nude will be the best choices.

I love mint color because mint green stuff often give me cool feeling in spring and summer. Do you have the same feeling? 

So, what color do you like most? I have shared my adorable color with you, now, it's your turn!

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  1. It's not the first year with mint colour, I love the colour and I still have clothes in mint and I will buy more. <3

    Enara's Things

  2. I really like the colour. It gives a very light, fresh vibe to clothing items, accessories... anything. Great for any season! I think every colour is beautiful. :)

  3. I love so much this colour, if it was a man I will marry him. *.*

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